mars 24, 2015

I hope during my first exhibition about the old surfers of San Onofre, 
the 4th april at Les Petites Gouttes.
All the details are on this invitation, just click on it.
if you see this, you are more than welcome!

mars 19, 2015

In this combination of sneakers and suit made by a cool brand named Husbands.

in this typography.

In this skull.

Surely inside these vans.

In this "Peaky Blinders" combination.

On the wall.

In these Murano pearls.

In this project made by Tom Sachs.

On your jacket with this.

On her shoulders with this Andersen&Andersen sweater.

In this 1940' rare convertible club sofa that I'm selling.

In this patch.

In this couple.

On this bar.

Between these hands.

In this collar.

In this girl shot by Chris Kontos.

In this pajama.

In this collection.

mars 11, 2015

Here is my first campaign as a photographer
 for one of the most famous jewelry shop in the world: Harpo.
(Stylism : Gauthier Borsarello)

mars 09, 2015

In this kind of stuff.

On the left one.

Near this girl.

In this indigo blue.

Around this man.

In the middle of the Panerai's guys.

In this simple combination.

Not in her cheap leather jacket but it's allright.

In this dog.

Not here, like all the stuff of fake taxidermy...

In these used sneakers.

In this kind of stones.

In the Alden Indy modified by Anatomica.

In the name of this brand, Clément Gouverneur.

Inside this shop, trust me.

In these colors.

In this typography.

Not in this massive and boring Adidas Superstar trend.

In "brasseries parisiennes" again.

In this ridiculous bubble.

mars 05, 2015

In the combination of this dog and an airstream.

In this ugly tattoo. 

In this flat.

On this bed.

Around your wrist with these turquoises.

In this quote.

Near this packagings.

On these socks.

In this haircut.

Not in this Louis Vuitton decoration.

On the floor at Bouillon Racine.

Not here.

In this old Calvin Klein ad.

In this combination.

Near this used Vans.