octobre 23, 2016

On her nose.

In vintage trailers.

On this light.

Behind this letter.

In old mobile phones.

In take away pizzas.

In nineties winter skis.

In this type.

In this garden.

Inside this scrapbook.

On her head.

In this haircut.

In this cartoon tattoo.

On his shoulders.

In these whale chairs.

In these socks.

In this kind of item.

Behind this finger.

Everywhere here.

In this group picture.

In this patch.

On this tshirt.

In this embroidered patch.

In this perfect combination.

In this blue suede sneaker.

Between this fingers.

In this fashion serie shot by Bruce Gilden.

On his jacket.

In front of this milanese store.

In this pair of perfect vintage sneakers.

octobre 12, 2016

In this classic tie.

Everywhere except in his tie.

In dress + sneakers forever.

In her pajama's shirt.

In big shells like this.

In this animal.

In this combination.

In this plant.

On the wall.

In this kind of landscapes.

In their funny position.

In old trophies.

In Hockney's work of course.

Near this strange light.

In this sentence.

On their heads.

Not here, of course.

In lavender.

In his hand.

Behind these girls.

In this typography.

In this Adidas jacket.

In her sunny position.

In this collar.

On her shoulders.

In this Porsche 964.

During these tracks.

In this strange picture.

On this wall.

Forever in this famous photographer.

On this rooftop.